Using Stormboard

            1. Click on the gear  icon in the lower left of the client and select Options
              Alternatively, in the IOCOM client menu, go to Tools > Options
            2. Click on the Stormboard tab:

            3. Enter your Stormboard API Key to start integration with Stormboard. Follow the steps displayed on the Options page to retrieve your API key.
            4. Once your valid API Key is entered, the IOCOM Options page will update to show all available Stormboards on your account:

            5. Click Refresh to reload the list of available Stormboards
            6. Click New Stormboard to create a new Stormboard
            7. Click Open to open the selected Stormboard
            8. Click Add to Meeting to publish the selected Stormboard to your current meeting
              Note: You must be in an IOCOM meeting for this option to be enabled
            9. Click the Save button to save your new settings or Cancel to exit the Options page.

            Updated: 13 Dec 2017 12:52 AM
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