How Do I Create a Unique Sign-up Link? (Signing up for VisiMeet with Automatic Addition to a Community)

            Referral links are unique links that direct an individual to the IOCOM VisiMeet signup page enabling them to create a VisiMeet account. Referral links can be used for two purposes.

            1.    IOCOM can use the referral link to track the source of signups; this assists IOCOM in identifying if a user is linked to a larger group and better answer any questions they may have. The referral link can be posted on a website, emailed, etc. This helps track the best sources of signups or identify the individual or group users signed up through. 


            2.    Use the referral link to direct potential users where to sign up and automatically add them to a subscriptions account and/or community. Identify a specific subscriptions account and/or community that you would like anyone who uses the link to be part of. This eliminates the need to add them to a subscriptions account and/or community in the future.

            Referral links are ideal when you plan to invite a large number of users to join VisiMeet and intend to place them in a community. By using the link you accomplish two steps with one; users create an account and are placed in a community. This helps ensure all individuals are in the community and have presence with one another.

            The signup process is exactly the same as if they went directly through the IOCOM homepage, the only difference being they must use a specific link.

            The link cannot be used for active VisiMeet accounts.

            Getting a link

            Visit the Unique Signup Link Tab on IOCOM Support ( If you would like to connect a community, create the community prior to requesting the link and provide the community name in your request. Also, include what you would like the link to be called. Links begin with "" and end with a unique identifier. This identifier cannot be characters other than letters and numbers and cannot include a space. For example a link might be "" with multiple words but no space.


            Updated: 22 May 2017 01:48 AM
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