Setting up Network Cameras

            IOCOM supports standard RTSP, RTMP & MJPEG

            How to set up network cameras

            1. Turn on your network camera.
            2. Click on the icon in the lower left of the IOCOM client and select Options
              Alternatively, in the IOCOM client menu, go to Tools > Options
            3. Go to the Video tab and scroll to the the Network Video Devices section

            4. Click the Add Network Video Device button

            5. Enter the URL to the network camera, including either rtsp://, rtmp://, http://, etc
            6. Enter a Display Name for the camera. All users in a meeting will see this camera name
            7. Specify the default Resolution at which to transmit this camera
            8. Click Send Automatically On Join and this camera will automatically be transmitted when joining a meeting.
            9. To transmit network cameras, join a meeting and click the camera split menu drop down icon:

              Configured network cameras will be displayed in the list of available devices. Click the "Transmit" box to send the camera to all meeting participants.

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