Can I Use VisiMeet on Multiple Devices?

            VisiMeet can be used on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, & Android. You can use VisiMeet on as many devices as you choose as long as you have installed VisiMeet.  You cannot use the same account on multiple systems simultaneously, duplicate logins in will be logged out.

            If you would like to be logged into multiple systems simultaneously you will need to create another account. This is done by using the same method you used to create your original account.

            Downloading on another System

            If you would like to download Visimeet on another device you can get the download link by logging into "My Account" on the IOCOM website ( Once you log into "My Account" click the link "Download Latest Client" you can also find the Visimeet app in the iOS App Store and in Google Play for mobile devices.

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